where does the time go?

Life gets busy...

Time just flies. One day your baby is crawling around living their best life and the next day they are starting school. How did that happen?

Before you know it, you go from your first date to 20 years of marriage. How?
(No, seriously, how? We all want to know.)

I love capturing these moments for you so that you can look back on and smile at how your baby looked at you. Or gasp at how beautifully in love you and your partner are. Or even just look at yourself and realize how far you've truly come.

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A little about me...

I love taking photos. I always have.

I have always loved freezing a moment in time and reliving it every time I look back on it. And I love providing that feeling to others as they look back on photos I've taken for them.

I have realized photos are powerful. They hold memories and feelings.

How amazing is it that photos can do that? Spark joy. Make us grieve. Give us hope. Help us to heal.

Aside from my total fascination with photo taking, I am now happily married to my best friend with one wonderfully crazy child. I am fascinated by the way nature grows and acts, completely in awe of how much life resides inside a single leaf. I love cooking up new recipes and dancing in the kitchen with my daughter. I love reading, swimming, herbal tea, adventures, music, and doing all types of puzzles.